Critical Geography Conference at Temple

Call for Papers and Sessions 21st Annual Critical Geography Conference: How Power Happens Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, November 7-9, 2014 Hosted by Temple University’s Department of Geography and Urban Studies, the 21st Annual Critical Geography Conference hopes to include a wide array of scholars and activists doing work in critical geography. This year’s overarching theme … Continue reading

Special Issue on Ranciere

Special Issue on Ranciere

Just out: a new special issue of Space & Polity on the thought of Jacques Ranciere and how it might be useful for political action today. I edited the special issue, which includes articles by: Erik Swyngedouw: Where is the political? Insurgent mobilisations and the incipient “return of the political” Mark Davidson and Kurt Iveson: … Continue reading

Marx: Deconsecrate the State

From Miguel Abensour’s analysis of Marx in Democracy Against the State, pp. 32-33: Marx denounces the repetition of religious alienation in a profane form, such that the product (the State) withdraws from its producers (human beings) and turns against them by establishing itself as a foreign power. Lodging itself in the place the criticism of … Continue reading

Contesting the capital: Historical geographies of protest in London

International Conference of Historical Geographers 2015, London, 5-10 July 2015 “Contesting the capital: Historical geographies of protest in London” Convenors: Hannah Awcock (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK) and Diarmaid Kelliher (University of Glasgow, UK). In recent years London has been the site for a wide range of protests: marches against austerity, student occupations, the … Continue reading

Women Rising

There is no shortage of alternatives to the soothing, stupefying NPR, but many are shrill or amateurish or just hard to listen to. So I was happy to hear this feature today on activists who are waging creative non-violence. It is part of a long series profiling women (both activists and not) called Women Rising … Continue reading