Subcomandante Marcos on democracy

We are not those who wait, naively, for justice to come from above, when it only comes from below; for liberty, which can only be achieved with everyone; for democracy, which is the ground for all and is fought for all the time.

He is very similar to Lefebvre here, who said that democracy

is nothing other than the struggle for democracy. The struggle for democracy is the movement itself. Many democrats imagine that democracy is a type of stable condition toward which we can tend, toward which we must tend. No. Democracy is the movement. And the movement is the forces in action.  And democracy is the struggle for democracy, which is to say the very movement of social forces; it is a permanent struggle and it is even a struggle against the State that emerges from democracy. There is no democracy without a struggle against the democratic State itself, which tends to consolidate itself as a block, to affirm itself as a whole, become monolithic and to smother the society out of which it develops.


Subcomandante Marcos (2001). Our Word Is Our Weapon. J. Ponce de Leon, Ed. New York, Seven Stories Press, p. 159.

Lefebvre, H. (2009). State, Space, World: Selected Essays. Translated by G. Moore, N. Brenner, and S. Elden. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, p. 61.


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