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a better world is probable

While eating lunch at work I started flipping through today’s Wall Street Journal that was sitting on the desk beside me.  No surprise that the central theme in today’s WSJ is “All Eyes on Europe.”  The Wall Street Journal is filled cover-to-cover with commentary and reportage on the recent French and Greek elections.  Voters in both countries threw out both the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and the centrist PASOK (Socialist) Party in Greece.  In both cases voters turned to more Left alternatives.  In France, Francois Hollande won the Socialist Party’s first presidential election in over 17 years.  In Greece the far-Left Syriza party (or the “Coalition of the Radical Left”) won an unexpected second place position in Greece (denying any major party a clear majority, creating turmoil in forming a stable parliament, which will likely cause another election).

The European turn to the Left has thrown pundits into a bit…

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