Richard Wolff Video and the #NewEconomy

I just heard the end of this on NPR this evening.  Richard Wolff, saying out loud that we need to have a national conversation about whether or not capitalism is the best kind of economy (you read that right: “on NPR”…!).  I don’t know if this latest wave of financial crises and scandals will make it possible to truly open up that question, but never before, maybe, has it been so apparent just how utterly alienated we are from the wealth we produce, and just how much of that wealth (a staggering amount) has been amassed, as money, under the control of banks.  And then the few who are in a position to make decisions about how to use that wealth act like nothing so much as a herd of adolescent boys.  Moreover, we have eloquent voices like Wolff, and multiple initiatives both in the States and abroad that are experimenting with cooperative and worker-owned enterprises (q.v. #neweconomy)……. Maybe it’s possible.


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