More on Asian Cities (AAG 2013)

Call For Papers—“Southeast Asia and Urban Studies’ Southern Turn”

Annual Conference of the Association of American Geographers

Los Angeles, CA

9-13 April 2013

Influential calls to ‘postcolonialize’ urban scholarship (Robinson 2006) and foster ‘new geographies of theory’ (Roy 2009) mean that it is now possible to speak of a ‘Southern turn’ (Harris 2012) in urban studies. We seek papers that examine cities in Southeast Asia as part of this wider Southern turn. This includes, but is not limited to, papers on the following themes:

– Southeast Asia as a site for the provincialization of EuroAmerican-centered urban geographies

– Postcolonial theory and/in the study of cities in Southeast Asia

– The contribution of scholarship and concepts in Southeast Asian studies (e.g. desakota, plural society, megaurban region) to global urban studies

– The role of area studies methods and training in filling urban geography’s ‘ethnographic void’ (Lees 2003)

– Comparative analyses of cities in Southeast Asia and other parts of the Global South

– Southeast Asia as a region in which imported governance models are reworked and from where governance innovations are exported

– Regional urban diversity as a means of unsettling the category ‘Global South’ (and ‘the Southeast Asian city’)

 We encourage scholars working in universities in Southeast Asia to submit abstracts. Please send your abstracts and conference registration numbers to Dr Jamie Gillen ( and Associate Professor Tim Bunnell ( by 15 October 2012 to be considered.


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