For the Common(s)

In the spirit of Hardt and Negri’s arguments about the need to rethink and reclaim the common, there is this effort in Italy. Their English ‘About’ page says:

Re:Common goals will work to produce structural change both in finance and natural common management, in solidarity with those directly affected by an harmful and unjust development model, both in the global South and in Italy and Europe.

In order to achieve its long-term goal Re:Common will have a stronger commitment to developing, promoting and praticing alternatives reclaiming both public finance and public interest natural commons management policies.

Re:Common will be a public campaign membership based organisation challenging the financialisation of the natural commons in solidarity with affected communities both in the South and in the North and advocating for new and democratic public financial institutions at national and global level to promote the commons.

Re:Common will primarily act within social movements in Italy, Europe and the world by supporting and enhancing them with its analyses, campaigns and concrete support in order to generate external pressure on governments and institutions for a transformative change.


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