Badiou’s Communism: No to the Party, No to Anarchism

The picture of Zizek is just for laughs.  Badiou says in The Communist Hypothesis (p. 155):

We know today that all emancipatory politics must put an end to the model of the party, or of multiple parties, in order to affirm a politics ‘without party’, and yet at the same time without lapsing into the figure of anarchism, which is never been anything else than the vain critique, or the double, or the shadow, of the communist parties, just as the black flag is only the double or the shadow of a red flag.

I think Badiou is outlining an important and very difficult political problem here, one for which the solution is not immediately apparent.  I agree fully on the party, but I think he is too dismissive of the black flag…


3 thoughts on “Badiou’s Communism: No to the Party, No to Anarchism

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