On to Eugene Holland’s Nomad Citizenship

My reading group just finished Thrift’s Non-Representational Theory and Latour’s Reassembling the Social, both of which were very trying to read and neither of which added much value to my project.  On the upside, I just finished Negri’s Goodbye Mr. Socialism, which I loved (despite the fact that his imagination of politics is mostly trapped in an economic register).  I am continually energized by his approach to democracy (and its similarity to communism in his thought).  I have Negri’s book with Guattari, Communists Like Us, next in my sights.  The reading group is now moving on to Eugene Holland’s Nomad Citizenship, which I am very excited about.  After the slog of Thrift and Latour, Holland better come through, dammit.


2 thoughts on “On to Eugene Holland’s Nomad Citizenship

  1. Enjoy! He is a strong, clear writer, and keeps constant the political consequences of his argument. If there are any strands you enjoy, I’d love to help explore them further. Plus, he told me tonight that he’s putting the finishing touches on his book on A Thousand Plateaus, which will be coming out soon. A lot to look forward to : )

    • Will do. So far so good. I am guessing I will be more drawn to the free-market communism (with respect to my project on communism and democracy) than the nomad citizenship bit. I am also hoping to be taken by the slow-motion general strike idea, especially w/r/t the debt movements…

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