New Issue of ACME on Anarchism

This is a long time in coming, but it is a collection out of a great session at the Las Vegas AAG a few years back.  My piece feels a bit old to me, but I think my debate with Richard Day is worth a read.  It got a bit heated, but maybe, hopefully, in a productive way.  He is an valuable voice in anarchist thought and practice.  See the details below.


The latest issue of ACME is now online and available free.

ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies
Volume 11, issue 3, 2012
Table of Contents

Special Theme Issue
Anarchist and Autonomous Marxist Geographies
Guest edited by Nathan Clough and Renata Blumberg

Toward Anarchist and Autonomist Marxist Geographies
Nathan Clough and Renata Blumberg, pp 335-351

Are “Other Spaces” Necessary? Associative Power at the Dumpster
Nicholas Jon Crane, pp 352-372

Anarchism, Geography, and Queer Space-making: Building Bridges Over Chasms We Create
Farhang Rouhani, pp 373-392

Organizing for Survival: From the Civil Rights Movement to   Black Anarchism through the Life of Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin
Nik Heynan and Jason Rhodes, pp 393-412

At the Intersection of Anarchists and Autonomists: Autogestioni and Centri Sociali
Pierpaolo Mudu, pp 413-438

Counter (Mapping) Actions: Mapping as Militant Research
Counter Cartographies Collective, Craig Dalton, and Liz Mason-Deese, pp 439-466

Autonomist Marxist Theory and Practice in the Current Crisis
Brian Marks, pp 467-491

Bridging Common Grounds: Metaphor, Multitude, and Chicana Third Space Feminism
Cathryn Jesefina Merla-Watson, pp 492-511

Gramsci Is Not Dead: For a ‘Both/And’ Approach to Radical Geography
Mark Purcell, pp. 512-524

Re-inscribing the Hegemony of Hegemony: A Response to Mark Purcell
Richard JF Day, pp 525-529

Frankenstein is Dead
Mark Purcell, pp. 530-532

*     *     *

Rose Street and Revolution: A Tribute to Neil Smith (1954-2012)
Tom Slater, pp 533-546


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