ACME Issue on Climate Change


ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies
Volume 12, issue 1, 2013
Table of Contents

Special Theme Issue
The Politics of Climate Change
Guest edited by Kelvin Mason

The Non-political Politics of Climate Change, pp 1-8
Erik Swingedouw

COP15 and Beyond: Politics, Protest and Climate Justice, pp 9-22
Kelvin Mason and Kye Askins

Academics and Social Movements: Knowing Our Place, Making Our Space, pp 23-43
Kelvin Mason

The Contested Politics of Climate Change and the Crisis of Neoliberalism, pp 44-64
David Featherstone

Leave the Sand in the Land, Let the Stone Alone: Pits, Quarries and Climate Change, pp 65-87
L. Anders Sandberg and Lisa Wallace

Population Policy: A Valid Answer to Climate Change? Old Arguments Aired Again Before COP15, pp 88-101
Bertil Egerö

Emerging from the Shadow of Climate Change Denial, pp 102-130
Justin Kenrick

Who Reaps what is Sown?  A Feminist Inquiry into Climate Change Adaptation in Two Mexican Ejidos
, pp 131-154
Beth Bee

Ten theses on why we need a “Social Science Panel on Climate Change”, pp155-176
Stellan Vinthagen

Climate Change – Who’s Carrying the Burden: The chilly climates of the global environmental dilemma
, pp 177-179
Reviewed by Mark Whitehead

Academic Seminar Blockade
Filmed and edited by Chris High, p. 180


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