More from Anti-Oedipus: Discovering Our Own Power


Is that Negri?

Say that it’s Oedipus, or you’ll get a slap in the face.  The psychoanalyst no longer says to the patient: “Tell me a little bit about your desiring-machines, won’t you?”  Instead he screams: “Answer ‘daddy-and-mommy’ when I speak to you!” (p.45)

The psychoanalysis that D&G rail against forces desiring-production into the Oedipal triangle (daddy-mommy-me), and so it fails “from the beginning to see what the precise nature of this desiring-production is…” (p. 49).

But, they imply (and will say later), we need not limit ourselves to complaining about the failings of psychoanalysis.  We can ask ourselves what our desiring-machines are like, what the precise nature of desiring-production is….

And of course this is all bigger than psychoanalysis: desiring-production is our own human potential, our own power to produce, to create, to live.  And so D&G’s alternative, schizoanalysis, is a project whereby we 1) refuse to accept the channelling of our power into the apparatuses of capture (Oedipal psychoanalysis, God, the state, capital), and 2) come to be aware of and understand our power, learn what it is like, see what it feels like to use it, how we can “discharge it into the world,” in Nietzsche’s words.

Even when they are on the attack, when they are criticizing what is wrong with the world, they are always searching relentlessly for the positive alternative, for what we are capable of instead.  They don’t shy away at all from the project of destruction (they call for “a complete curettage” of the psyche Oedipus has built), but they only ever do so as a way to clear the path, to free up room for our own productive powers to operate on their own terms.


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