Chinese mass exodus for Lunar New Year Festival, China - 08 Feb 2013

Obviously I am currently reading Radical Thought in Italy.  The glossary has a great precis of exodus:

Exodus (esodo).  In part this term refers to the biblical journey of the Jews through the desert to escape the pharaoh’s army.  Exodus might be understood better, however, as an extension of the “refusal of work” to the whole of capitalist social relations, as a generalized strategy of refusal or defection.  Structures of social command are combated not through direct opposition, but by means of withdrawal.  Exodus is thus conceived as an alternative to dialectical forms of politics, where all too often the two antagonists locked in contradiction end up resembling each other in a static mirror reflection.  Dialectical politics constructs negations, but exodus operates through subtraction.  The State will crumble, then, not by a massive blow to its head, but through a mass withdrawal from its base, evacuating its means of support.  It is important however, that this politics of withdrawal also simultaneously constitute a new society, a new republic.  We might conceive this exodus, then, as an engaged withdrawal or a founding leave-taking, which both refuses this social order and constructs an alternative.


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