Urban Theory and Schizonomadology

My colleague Keith Harris’ talk from the Deleuze Studies Conference in Lisbon…

My Desiring-Machines

Everybody’s doin’ it! No, not schizonomadology, but posting their papers from the Deleuze Studies conference (Mark’s is here, Cheryl’s is here). This is also a draft of what I will be working into a book chapter for a volume that should come out in 2014 (more info on that as it develops).


By way of introduction I would like to refer to a recent debate in the journal City that has captured my attention and highlighted something like a schism in the realm of urban theory. On the one hand, there was an article by Colin McFarlane, who argued that the notion of assemblage could contribute to the critical study of cities, and illuminate potential avenues for creating progressive, if not radical, alternatives to current patterns of urbanization. On the other, there was a response – penned by Neil Brenner and two of his associates – that…

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