Youth Community Radio on UK Riots

Great day in the inbox.  Here is one from Matt Benwell (m.c.benwell@LIV.AC.UK)…


Dear all,

Bethan Evans, Andy Davies and Matt Benwell of the University of Liverpool have been working with youth from a local community radio station in Knowsley, Liverpool exploring stories of the riots in the city in 1981 and 2011.

The project incorporated a participatory approach which saw the young people directing the research and making the final radio documentary which has been broadcast on KCC Live radio station and is available via the links below. If you’d like to read more about the project see the blog post below.

We thought that members of the PYGYWG Jiscmail might be interested in listening to this. Some have also expressed an interest in using it in their teaching as an example of participatory research in action and we’d welcome such engagement. We’d also love to receive any feedback if you do end up making use of it.

The blog post:

The youtube of just the documentary:

The KCC Live page with the file with documentary and discussion:

Best wishes,



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