The twenty-five most important academic books to me from 2013

From Stuart Elden, who was nice enough to include my book.

Progressive Geographies

Some of my books of the yearNot ordered, not comprehensive, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some – and of course there are those I’ve not yet read or am unaware of… These are all academic books published in 2013, not drawn from all the books I read in the year, and the list of novels read will follow.

  1. Jacques Derrida, The Death Penalty, Volume I , translated by Peggy Kamuf (and see my comments here)
  2. Michel Foucault, La sociétépunitive, edited by Bernard E. Harcourt (see my initial thoughts here and here; review to follow in 2014)
  3. David Harvey, A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Volume II (see here)
  4. Louise Amoore, The Politics of Possibility: Risk and Security Beyond Probability
  5. Andrew Barry, Material Politics: Disputes Along the Pipeline
  6. Bradley L. Garrett, Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City
  7. David Farrell Krell, Derrida and our Animal Others (see here)
  8. Shiloh Krupar, Hot Spotter’s Report 

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