Session on Social Movements and Space

IGU Regional Conference in Krakow, Poland

August 18th to 22th 2014

Deadline for abstracts: _*/15th January 2014/*_

84 – /_*Here, there, everywhere: social movements spatializing dissent*_/

Valeria Pecorelli

Since the end of the last decade, the resurgence of waves of protests has turned social movements into a trendy topic among political geographers. While mass media are interrogating whether this is the time for revolution going global, the making of collective action is globalizing their struggles, creating new maps of grievance, producing new topographies of resistance (Featherstone, 2007). Over recent years, geographers have been exploring the relation of concepts such as place, space and scale to the core literature of social movements. However in the light of recent events, there is still the urge to problematise the spatial dimension and trans-scalar action of those social movements moving here and there challenging the current hegemonic order.

Each abstract must be submitted to a particular session, _ONLY via the on-line registration system_.


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