Abolition Collective

From the Abolition Collective:

I’m excited to announce a new project, *Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics*. With an interdisciplinary collective of scholar-activists, we are creating an open access journal for building bridges between abolitionist theory and practice. For more info, check out our manifesto here: http://abolitionjournal.org/ . As we are revising this manifesto for a bigger launch later this year, we would love to hear your feedback.

To celebrate the beginning of the journal, we invite you to join us for a party in Seattle on 4/17. This will be in conjunction with a reception for a mini-conference on “Decolonization, Abolitionism, and Political Theory.”
For more info, see this page: http://abolitionjournal.org/events/

For updates, follow *Abolition* on social media:

Twitter: @AbolitionJ <https://twitter.com/AbolitionJ&gt;

As we embark on this project, we will look forward to your feedback and participation.

In solidarity,
Eli Meyerhoff
— On behalf of the Abolition collective –



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