Karl Polanyi Archive



The Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy is pleased to launch the Karl Polanyi Digital Archive to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Karl Polanyi’s death and the 70th anniversary of the publication of his seminal work, The Great Transformation.

The intellectual legacy of Karl Polanyi is a rich and vast archival collection that includes notes, outlines, drafts of manuscripts, unpublished and published articles / papers by Karl Polanyi, as well as papers by others. The collection also includes Polanyi’s lifetime correspondence with important intellectuals, political figures, students, colleagues, family, and friends. The material is in Hungarian, German and English.

We have reproduced the archival materials to the extent that the physical condition of the material and technology will permit to create a digitized library.

This digital project is a milestone for Concordia University and for the Polanyi Institute. It reinforces the Institute’s  commitments to permit the broadest possible access to the intellectual legacy of Karl Polanyi and to further contribute to Polanyi scholarship. The Institute will continue to welcome scholars and students who wish to visit the Institute to consult the archive material.

A reminder:  if you have bookmarked the Polanyi web site, please make sure to refresh the current page to access the upgraded version of our web site.


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