Royal Science: Hegel’s Fault?

For those of you who are interested in Deleuze & Guattari’s critique of Royal Science and their alternative, nomad thought, I just ran across this paragraph from Hegel, in the preface to the Philosophy of Right, where he says:

Philosophy with us is not as it was with the Greeks for instance, pursued in private like an art, but has an existence in the open, in contact with the public, and especially, or even only, in the service of the state.

I have always found D&G’s worry, that the State and philosophy are intimately bound up together, to be a bit overblown, but in the context of Hegel’s particularly statist conception of philosophy, it makes much more sense.

This is just a fragment from my wanderings, of course. I am sure there are those who have pursued this set of linkages much more fully…


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