Critical Geography Conference at Temple

Call for Papers and Sessions
21st Annual Critical Geography Conference:
How Power Happens
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, November 7-9, 2014

Hosted by Temple University’s Department of Geography and Urban Studies, the 21st Annual Critical Geography Conference hopes to include a wide array of scholars and activists doing work in critical geography. This year’s overarching theme connotes an exploration of how we understand, follow, imagine, feel, utilize, yield to and alter the workings of power. Power has been theorized from the top down and the bottom up, as structure and as capillary, as productive and destructive, and as both immaterial and material. We hope to use geography’s diverse engagements with power as an entry point for generating discussions across the ‘divides’ of critical geography – specifically divides between approaches attending to structural forces, focusing on knowledge production and meaning making, and/or tracing power into bodies and matter/materiality. As our diagram seeks to make clear, the conference locates the question of “*how power happens?” *at the core of these three areas of inquiry, and calls upon critical geographers to create fruitful conversation and debate within the apparent areas of overlap.

The conference will begin on Friday, November 7th, 2014. The opening evening will feature a keynote address by Dr. Mona Domosh from the Department of Geography at Dartmouth College.

We invite you to submit abstracts or proposals for sessions, by *the extended deadline of September 8, 2014*.

*Conference registration is free and if you plan to attend we ask that you please register on our website ( by October 1, 2014*. Please feel free to email any further questions to the conference planning committee via Sarah Stinard-Kiel at or Allison Hayes-Conroy at The conference will be a caregiver and child friendly space.


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