Free Articles in Gender, Place, and Culture

Via Peter Hopkins:

This series of papers (see list below) are free to download until the end of September by following this link:

Gentrification, assassination and forgetting in Mexico: a feminist Marxist tale
* Volume 21 Issue 1 (2014)
* Melissa W. Wright

Storytelling and co-authorship in feminist alliance work: reflections from a journey
* Volume 20 Issue 1 (2013)
* Richa Nagar

The intimate politics of secularism and the headscarf: the mall, the neighborhood, and the public square in Istanbul
* Volume 19 Issue 1 (2012)
* Banu Gökarıksel

A feminist project of belonging for the Anthropocene
* Volume 18 Issue 1 (2011)
* J.K. Gibson-Graham

Gender and mobility: new approaches for informing sustainability
* Volume 17 Issue 1 (2010)
* Susan Hanson

Circulating sadness: witnessing Filipina mothers’ stories of family separation
* Volume 16 Issue 1 (2009)
* Geraldine Pratt

Bad elements: Katrina and the scoured landscape of social reproduction
* Volume 15 Issue 1 (2008)
* Cindi Katz

Space, Gender and Institutions in Processes Creating Difference
* Volume 14 Issue 1 (2007)
* Ruth Fincher

Peter Hopkins
Professor of Social Geography
School of Geography, Politics and Sociology
Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
England, UK NE1 7RU
(0191) 208 3924

Editor-in-Chief, Gender, Place and Culture


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