Avoid Amazon, go straight to Midtown Scholar

My Desiring-Machines

I do everything I can do avoid the clutches of Amazon. Here in Seattle, I buy books from Elliott Bay or the University Book Store, sometimes Left Bank Books (pretty small selection, but great stuff), or from Powell’s online. I rarely buy anything else online, except I recently ordered Frédéric Lordon’s Willing Slaves of Capital from Verso (you should too: $13 and it comes with a bundled e-book). Of course, there are times when these stores don’t have or can’t get what I want fast enough: for example, I wanted my own copy of Deleuze’s Empiricism and Subjectivity, and my usual sources didn’t have a copy and it was not available from the publisher for a few weeks. What is one who despises Amazon to do?

I went to the used books section on Amazon and found out that – as is typical if you’ve ever looked on…

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