Conference in Rome on the Neoliberal City

University of Rome La Sapienza, Via del Castro Laurenziano 9, Roma (Italy)
November 14th 2014, 11:00

While European cities are struggling to cope with recession, austerity, foreclosures, rising inequalities, this open workshop will address the question of what’s left and what’s beyond three decades of neoliberalism at the urban scale. Is the crisis creating opportunities for progressive urban transformations, or is neoliberalism still – and will remain – the dominant technology of power? As radical reactions take often the form of grassroots activism, localism and the creation of autonomous spaces within cities, may urban neighbourhoods and communities insulate from the invasiveness of neoliberalization, and even indicate the way to a post-neoliberal future? Does the term “neoliberal” help in understanding today’s urban political economies – and its opponents – or is it unable to grasp the varieties of contemporary capitalism?

11:00–Manuel Aalbers, KU Leuven: The political economy of neighbourhood decline (Discussant: Alessandro Coppola)
11:50–Alberto Vanolo, Università di Torino, Autonomous spaces in the Neoliberal City: Christiania, Copenhagen (Discussant: Francesca Loi, La Sapienza)
12:40–Cesare Di Feliciantonio, La Sapienza and KU Leuven: Squatting, or the politics of possibilities: processes of subjectfication in times of indebtedness (Discussant: Pierpaolo Mudu, University of Washington)
15:00–Ramon Ribera-Fumaz, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya: The internet of cities and the new science of cities: a new policy turn? (Discussant: Simona De Rosa, La Sapienza)
15:50–Alessandra Prampolini, La Sapienza and T6: Community-based initiatives: niches in transition? (Discussant: Giovanni Attili, La Sapienza)
16:40–Antonella Carrano, La Sapienza: The factories of territoriality: the self-recovered plant “Officine zero” (Discussant: Massimiliano Tabusi, Università per stranieri di Siena)

19:30–Visit to Nuovo Cinema Palazzo (Occupied Movie Theatre) and the Free Republic of San Lorenzo neighbourhood, Piazza dei Sanniti (Roma)

The full programme is here:

Hope to see you there!

Filippo Celata & Cesare Di Feliciantonio


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