Free Articles in Gender, Place and Culture

Gender, Place and Culture is continuing to publish a series of papers in recognition of its 21st year of publication

The six papers listed below have been published and are currently available with free access – please follow the links below:

Gender, migration, mobility and transnationalism
Brenda Yeoh and Kamalini Ramdas

Remembering the making of Gender, Place and Culture
Mona Domosh and Liz Bondi

Some rhizomatic recollections of a feminist geographer: working toward an affirmative politics
Pamela Moss

Ways of seeing: sexism the forgotten prejudice?
Gill Valentine, Lucy Jackson and Lucy Mayblin

Bodies, gender, place and culture: 21 years on
Robyn Longhurst and Lynda Johnston

The way of the flesh: life, geopolitics and the weight of the future
Deborah Dixon

Also, the GPC Jan Monk Distinguished Annual lecture paper by Melissa Wright remains free to access as well:

The Gender, Place and Culture Jan Monk Distinguished Annual Lecture: Gentrification, assassination and forgetting in Mexico: a feminist Marxist take
Melissa Wright


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