RC 21 News

Some items from Research Committee 21:

1) The new website is up and running www.rc21.org Still some details are being fixed, but the structure and the new design is there. Soon also the online membership form and the online payment system will be available;

2) the call for abstracts/papers for the next RC21 conference in Urbino 2015 is now available online:http://www.rc21.org/en/conferences/urbino2015/

3) the call for participation in the fourth (IV) RC21-IJURR-FURS School in Comparative Urban Studies taking place prior to the RC21 conference in Urbino is available online as well: http://www.rc21.org/en/summer-school-on-comparative-urban-studies-urbino-august-2015/ Please spread the news through your networks and encourage participation of the most brilliant young scholars (on our FB page more than 7000 contacts in 1 day!).


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