Andrew Sayer: Why We Can’t Afford the Rich

Please see below for info on an upcoming lecture in Manchester by Andrew Sayer.

Manchester Political Economy Institute Annual Lecture
Professor Andrew Sayer

Why We Can’t Afford the Rich

University Place 3.204, Tuesday 5th May 2015, 15.30-17.30

Drawing upon his recent book, Why We Can’t Afford the Rich (Policy Press, 2014), and using a moral economy approach, Andrew Sayer’s talk will identify the basic mechanisms that allow the rich to extract wealth at the expense of others, and show that these are dysfunctional and unjust. The rich’s wealth is shown to be undeserved as it depends primarily on unearned income extracted from others through control of key assets, particularly property and money. Through their ability to hide their wealth, create indebtedness, and win political influence, the rich are subordinating democracy. At a time when climate change threatens to become unstoppable, the rich are literally banking on unsustainable growth, and threatening the planet. Andrew Sayer argues that the crises of economy and climate can only be resolved by radical change to make economies sustainable, fair and conducive to well-being.



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