Interesting Articles on Development Planning

International Development Planning Review Vol. 37, No. 2 is now available online.

International Development Planning Review is a peer-reviewed journal which provides an interdisciplinary platform for the critical study of development related practices, planning and policy. You can keep up to date with the journal by clicking here to sign up to new issue alerts, and can learn more about the title at its website page here.


Introduction ‘Best practice’ in development planning: products, processes and networks
Richard Tomlinson

Research Article

City learning from below: urban poor federations and knowledge generation through transnational, horizontal exchange
Benjamin H. Bradlow
Best practice? Bare bones planning in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Richard Martin
Best practice post-disaster housing and livelihood recovery interventions: winners and losers
Mojgan Taheri Tafti and Richard Tomlinson
Co-producing urban knowledge: experimenting with alternatives to ‘best practice’ for Cape Town, South Africa
Zarina Patel, Saskia Greyling, Susan Parnell, and Gordon Pirie
South–south relationships and the transfer of ‘best practice’: the case of Johannesburg, South Africa
Philip Harrison
Planning, the urban poor and climate change in Small Island Developing States (SIDS): unmitigated disaster or inclusive adaptation?
Colleen Butcher-Gollach

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