Journal on Law and the City

The Journal of Law City (ISSN 2317-7721), electronic publication of the professors of Law School of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), is pleased to announce your new number (vol. 07, no. 01, 2015) (see below) and open call for papers for the new number of Journal of Law City which will be published in July 2015.

Created from the need to investigate the city law from multidisciplinary matrices, the Journal of Law City receives in a continuous flow, papers on Law City, Property, Urban and regional history, Land history, Possession, Urban and regional planning, Housing and local policies, Segregation and socio-spatial mobility, Economic impacts of large urban projects and cultural and sports mega-events, Urban violence, City Statute, Access to justice, Urban policy, Environmental law, Environmental conflicts, Environmental risks, Environmental taxation, Municipal master plans, Social regulation, and others disciplines that having the Right to the City by subject matter.

In order to promote greater participation and interaction between researches, we invite university professors and graduate students to participate in the journal by sending your papers to our next issue, noting that the Journal of Law City seeking entries streaming, submitted in our webpage ( or through the e-mails referred to below of our Editorial Team. Papers will be accepted in portuguese, spanish or english.

It should be borne in mind that the Journal of Law City has multidisciplinary debate on the scope of its editorial policy, whose contents can be accessed through our website:

We are still open call for participation of university professors who want to collaborate in the Journal of Law City as Referees Assessors in sporadic review articles, which are sent for the online submission system (standard opinion of 02 pages, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of article, approving, suggesting corrections or not accepting for publication).

If you are interested in publishing articles or participation as an evaluator referee, send by the journal system or through e-mails listed below of our Editorial Team.

Prof. Mauricio Mota

Chief Editor of the Journal of Law City


Profa. Claudia Tannus Gurgel do Amaral

Assistant Editor of the Journal of Law City


Profa. Bianca Tomaino

Executive editor of the Journal of Law City



Editorial PDF
Mauricio Mota


Urban clusters in frontiers areas: exposure of the legal framework of institucionalization PDF
Bruno Borges Mamede 1-29
Family agriculture in colombia: a case study of the trinidad county, casanare department PDF
Angela Patricia Avella O, Miguel Darío Sosa R 30-40
The application of the city statute in Salvador: the speech and the practice PDF
Célia Regina Sganzerla Santana, Edivaldo Machado Boaventura 41-70
The 2013 protests, the citizenship rights construction process in Brazil and the right to the city PDF
Betânia de Moraes Alfonsin, Fernanda Peixoto Goldenfum, Aline Rocha, Bruno Siufi, Giani Camargo Cazanova, Livia Ribeiro, Mariana Vivian, Viviane Guimarães 71-90
Urban civilizations and city theories PDF
Marconi do Ó Catão 91-140
Corruption and deterioration of urban space in the Federal District PDF
Mario Ojeda Revah, Alfonso Jiménez de Sandi 141-165
Right to the city: sustainability and development in urban areas PDF
Daniel Rubens Cenci, Elenise Felzke Schonardie 166-180
The census as a producer of sucessful tenderers in housing policies. PDF
Romina Olejarczyk 181-205
The challenge of governing cities in Argentina. Scope and perspectives for political and administrative organization PDF
Rodrigo Carmona 206-225
Expansion of the real estate housing market from the bicentennial cities program PDF
Francisco Javier Rosas Ferrusca, Viridiana Rodríguez Sánchez 226-25
Guatemala, a pain that should be resigned? PDF
Norma de los Angeles García Carrera 251-274
Democracy in mexico: the lack of political culture affects the development of human rights PDF
Grisel Alejandra Correa Esquivel 275-302


Earth architecture: an ecological, economic and self-sustainable solution PDF
Ruy Arini 303-312

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