Cultural Politics: Roland Barthes interview

Please find below the Table of Contents for the new issue of Cultural Politics, Volume 11, Number 3, November 2015.

This issue features a newly translated interview with Roland Barthes and a special section on Friedrich Kittler and War edited by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young.

The Roland Barthes interview is available for free for the next three months.

It is here:


Cultural Politics an International Journal

Volume 11, Number 3, November 2015


For the Liberation of a Pluralist Thinking: An Interview with Roland Barthes

Shigehiko Hasumi

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 301-314; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341912

Contemporary Fascism’s De-Judified Homo Sacer

Kim Hong Nguyen

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 315-328; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341924

The Studious University: A Marxist-Psychoanalytic Groundwork

David I. Backer and Tyson E. Lewis

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 329-345; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341936

Ghosts of the Gulf

Brandon Ballengée

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 346-360; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341948

Special Section on FRIEDRICH KITTLER and WAR

De Bellis Germanicis: Kittler, the Third Reich, and the German Wars

Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 361-375; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341960


Auto Bahnen / Free Ways

Friedrich Kittler

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 376-383; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341972


A Short History of the Searchlight

Friedrich Kittler

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 384-390; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341984


Animals of War: A Historical Bestiary

Friedrich Kittler

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 391-394; doi:10.1215/17432197-3341996


De Nostalgia

Friedrich Kittler

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 395-406; doi:10.1215/17432197-3342008


Book Reviews

Doom and Gloom Guaranteed

Kamilla Petrick

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 407-411; doi:10.1215/17432197-3342235


The Poetics and Politics of Narrative Mourning

Atef Laouyene

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 412-416; doi:10.1215/17432197-3342247


Please Remember, You Are Dealing with a Spatial Form

Jason Clemence

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 417-420; doi:10.1215/17432197-3342259


Rejecting the Subject

Ian James

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 421-425; doi:10.1215/17432197-3342271


The Ideology of Formlessness?

Douglas Keesey

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 426-429; doi:10.1215/17432197-3342283


On a Critique of Actually Existing Neoliberal Media

Simon Dawes

Cultural Politics (2016) 11(3): 430-433; doi:10.1215/17432197-3342295


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