Jane McAlevey: Workshop on Social Movement Unionism

Understanding power and strategy for effective organizing

10am-5.30pm Tuesday 28 June 2016

University of Leeds,

Room 1.02, 20 Lyddon Terrace, Leeds, LS2 9JT
For map: http://tinyurl.com/zwoemdq

Attendance fees (includes lunch & refreshments) £20

NOTE: places are limited. You must register and pay in advance. Details can be found at www.buira.org

Jane McAlevey is well-known in the American labor movement as the hard-charging organizer who racked up a string of victories at a time when union leaders said winning wasn’t possible. In her book /Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell)/ Jane argues that labor can be revived, but only if the movement acknowledges its mistakes and fully commits to deep organizing, participatory education, militancy, and an approach to workers and their communities that more resembles the campaigns of the 1930s.In short, she advocates whole worker organising through social movement unionism.

Rather than building community-labour alliances, the whole worker organizing approach merges workplace and non-workplace issues into a tight blend. Jane had years of experience in community organizing prior to becoming a fulltime union organizer and negotiator and her approaches flow from the combined experience of union and community organizing. These methods have been successful in winning local political campaigns in addition to worker organizing campaigns.

Jane has recently completed her PhD and is currently teaching at Harvard University Law School on the Labor and Worklife Program.

This day-long workshop, supported by the *British Universities Industrial Relations Association,* is aimed at trade union an community activists who are interested in developing a greater understanding of the differences between organizing and mobilizing and how to undertake power analysis for effective organizing.

Workshop details

10am: Registration and refreshments

10.15am: introductions

10.30-1pm: morning workshops

1pm-2pm: Buffet Lunch: provided in attendance fee

2pm-5.50pm: afternoon workshops

Topics to be covered include:

·Core differences between organizing and mobilizing approaches.

·What is an organic leader?

·Differences between activists and leaders.

·Understandingpower: the relationship between strategies and power analysis.

This event is being sponsored by the British Universities Industrial Relations Association. Its annual conference on ‘Employment relations towards 2020 and beyond: reflection, prospects and opportunities’ will follow this workshop on 29 June–1^st July at The Carriageworks, Millennium Square, Leeds LS2 3AD.

If you wish to attend please contact Jane Holgate: j.holgate@leeds.ac.uk


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