Spatial Justice and Indigenous Rights

Just out: the latest issue of Justice Spatiale/Spatial Justice, guest edited by Béatrice Collignon and Irène Hirt, on Spatial Justice and Indigenous People.

It is freely accessible (and fully bilingual) here:


Philippe GERVAIS-LAMBONY | Frédéric DUFAUX | Aurélie QUENTIN

1. Claiming Space to Claim for Justice: the Indigenous Peoples‘ Geographical Agenda
Béatrice Collignon | Irène Hirt

2. Urban Protected Areas: Forces of justice or injustice for Indigenous popula-tions? The cases of Xochimilco and the national parks of Mumbai and Cape Town
Frédéric Landy | Nadia Belaidi | Karl-Heinz Gaudry Sada

3. Right to and on the City. The case of the American Indians of the San Francisco Bay Area
Benjamin Leclère

4. Spatial Justice and Indigenous Peoples’ Protection of Sacred Places: Adding Indigenous Dimensions to the Conversation
June Lorenzo

5. Land and indigenous territories in the Bolivian Amazon: full but imperfect spatial justice?
Laetitia Perrier Bruslé

6. Towards integrating Indigenous culture in urban form
Kara Puketapu-Dentice | Sean Connelly | Michelle Thompson-Fawcett

7. The indefensible in-betweenness or the spatio-legal arbitrariness of the Métis fact in Quebec
Etienne Rivard

1. From the Innu of Quebec to the United Nations, via the Yanomami of Brazil: an eventful journey of collaboration
Pierrette Birraux

2. The Right to the Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation’s Territory
Irène Hirt | Caroline Desbiens

3. Indigenous Peoples and Spatial Justice. An Interview with Renee LOUIS PUALANI.
Beatrice Collignon | Irene Hirt


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