Conference: The Right to the City and Social Ecology

The Right to the City and Social Ecology – Towards Ecological and Democratic Cities

TRISE invites activists, scholars, movements and citizens to a conference on the need to rebuild our cities along democratic and ecological lines!

The conference will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 1st to 3rd of September 2017.


Friday 1 September

Theme of the day: The Right to the City

09.00-11.00 Registration

11.00-11.45 Welcoming greetings and introductory statements: Dimitrios Roussopoulos (Montreal) TRISE Chair and Svante Malmström (Oulu) TRISE General Secretary

11.45-12.45 Keynote speech: Magali Fricaudet (Barcelona): “From Human Rights in the City to the Right to the City”

12.45-14.00 Lunch

14.00-16.00 Seminar A: Social Ecology, the City and the State

Alexandros Schismenos – Direct democracy, social ecology and public space
Federico Venturini – Reconceptualising the right to the city through social ecology
Metin Guven – Do We Need a Theory of State?
16.00-16.15 Break

16.15-17.15 Keynote speech: Theodoros Karyotis (Thessaloniki): “Whose right to the city? Collective subjects and urban conflicts in times of crisis”

17.15-17.30 Break

17.30-19.30 Parallel workshops:

Constitution Street (Jemma Neville)
How to talk about the commons transition in non-expert audiences (Alekos Pantazis)
20.00 Dinner


Saturday 2 September

Theme of the day: Social Ecology

09.00-09.30 Registration

09.30-10.30 Keynote speech: Brian Morris (London): “The legacy of Murray Bookchin”

10.30-10.45 Break

10.45-12.45 Seminar B: Case studies of Urban Struggles

Tina Schivatcheva – (Re)claiming the environmental conservation areas at the urban environment interface of the city of Bourgas, Bulgaria as egalitarian socio-political spaces
Lycourghiotis, Laboura & Chalkia – Bicycle and city: The example of Patras and a cycle path suggestion
Bogado & Solanas – Squatting movements in Spain and Brazil: Resistance and autonomy in the occupation of empty buildings in central urban areas
Meg Sherman – La Nuit Debut Utopia harnessed from vision to flesh

12.45-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.00 Keynote speech: Havin Guneser (Hamburg): “From Bookchin to Abdullah Öcalan”

15.00-15.15 Break

15.15-16.45 Seminar C: Turkey and the Kurdish quest

Haris Tsavdaroglou – The battle for the common space and the right to the city in Istanbul: from the creative city to the rebel city and vice versa
Özdemir & Yalnıç – Constituent actors in the democratization of cities in North Kurdistan

16.45-17.00 Break

17.00-19.00 Workshop: The relevance of Social Ecology for Urban Social Movements (Federico Venturini & Malin Widehammar)

19.30-20.30 Double book launch at Micropolis: Greek edition of The Murray Bookchin Reader by Janet Biehl and of Political Ecology by Dimitrios Roussopoulos.

20.30 Dinner at Micropolis


Sunday 3 September

Theme of the day: Towards Ecological and Democratic Cities

09.00-09.30 Registration

09.30-10.30 Keynote speech: Emet Değirmenci (Seattle): “A Social Ecology Approach To Degrowth”

10.30-10.45 Break

10.45-12.45 Seminar D: Concepts and Practices for Social Change

Olli Tammilehto – The Present is Pregnant with a Social-ecological Future, The shadow society and societal phase shift
Pettas, Tsirimokos, Maroulis – Energy Democracy and Degrowth, The case study of Tilos Island
Anne Scheinberg – Value Added, Introduction to informal recovery in Europe

12.45-14.00 Lunch

14.00-16.00 Parallel workshops:

Due Diligence and Real Recycling and Re-use Numbers, European Circular Economy Ecology (Springloop Cooperatie)
Body Displacement (Vilelmini Andrioti)
16.00-16.15 Break

16.15-17.15 Keynote speech: Dan Chodorkoff (Marshfield): “From the present situation going forward”

17.15-17.30 Break

17.30-19.30 Concluding panel: “Towards Ecological and Democratic Cities – How do we move forward?”. Speakers include: Malin Widehammar (Gothenburg), Svante Malmström (Oulu), Havin Guneser (Hamburg), Theodoros Karyotis (Thessaloniki)

20.00 Dinner


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