CFP: Feminist Urban Theory

From Linda Peake:

Urban Affairs Association

Toronto, Ontario

April 4 – 7, 2018

Session organizers:  Linda Peake (York University), Darren Patrick (York University), Rajyashree Reddy (University of Toronto), Sue Ruddick (University of Toronto) and Gokboru Tanyildiz (York University).

Call for Papers, deadline for conference paper abstract submissions October 1, 2017

A feminist urban theory for our time: rethinking social reproduction, the urban and its constitutive outside

 Feminist approaches to the urban have long focused on social reproduction—the gendered organization of the household, paid and unpaid reproduction of labour-power, and migration to cities.  However, in the current juncture, what is at stake is the social reproduction of the planet itself. Social reproduction is at work in many sites and scales beyond the urban—including bodily, territorial, land-based, regional, and ecological, to name but a few. Proceeding from a focus on social justice rather than difference, we invite papers that explore and expand feminist approaches to social reproduction from a variety of socio-spatial ontologies and from a range of orientations—including but not limited to anti-racist, anti-colonial, trans, eco-justice and indigenous perspectives—in order to understand how social reproduction is configuring both the urban and its constitutive outside.

We especially welcome papers from scholars working from an anti-colonial perspective, and/or outside the boundaries of North America and Europe.

If you would like to participate please send titles and a 250-word abstract to Linda Peake ( by Wednesday, September 27, 2017.


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