The Spanish Revolution: Continua

Good report from Spain on the continued attempts to ransack the common wealth and force the people to pay for the crisis through austerity measures, as well as the continuing refusal of so many Spaniards to accept it as inevitable.  Take the Square is in general a good English language source for keeping up to date on the ongoing struggle in Spain (and elsewhere).


Que se jodan ellos

Good update from Carlos Delclós on the emerging mood of pitched struggle between the austerity agenda and the people in Spain.  I am not sure a shift from que se vayan todos (get rid of them all) to que se jodan ellos (no, fuck them) all that great a change, since both utterly reject the current government as lackeys of international financial interests.  But it certainly seems like Andrea Fabra’s incendiary speech act has been taken by the indignados to mean that the forces of austerity intend to dig in their heels, and that we may be in for a very ugly fight in the months ahead.

Update on the Spanish Revolution

From the folks at ROAR, who are always quite sanguine on the indignados, but nevertheless some good information here on how the 15M movement has decentralized into the neighborhoods and has galvanized the neighborhood asambleas.

The neighborhood associations, which appeared in Madrid in the late sixties, had gradually moderated their demands and plunged into a light sleep. The 15-M movement has reawakened local politics and boosted community-based mobilization: we are witnessing how old and new forms of neighborhood organization are coexisting, coordinating and mutually learning from one another.

Insurgent Democracy in Spain, Greece, Portugal…

This was posted at Infinite Thought.  It is a series of short but really excellent talks given at Birkbeck about the political-economic situation in each country, as well as the extraordinary popular reaction and democratic experimentation in the squares all over Spain, Portugal, and Greece.

The talks touch on the importance of joy in political mobilization, on self-organization, on the importance of political presentation as opposed to representation, and on the meaning of national flags displayed by people during the uprisings.

The Rise of the Indignant: Spain, Greece, Europe | Backdoor Broadcasting Company.