New Issue of ACME!

ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies

Volume 13, issue 3, 2014

Edited by the ACME Editorial Collective

Special Thematic Intervention Section:

Principled Engagement: Political Ecologists and Their Interactions Outside of the Academy

Guest edited by Ian G. Baird and Michael B. Dwyer

Principled Engagement: Political Ecologists and Their Interactions Outside the Academy.  Introduction to a Set of Short Interventions, pp 473-477, Michael B. Dwyer and Ian G. Baird

Political Ecology and its Engagements with Conservation and Development, pp 478-488, Matthew D. Turner

The Doers and the Done For:  Interrogating the Subjects and Objects of Engaged Political Ecology, pp 489-496, Kiran Asher 

Principled Engagement: Obstacles and Opportunities in an Increasingly Consultancy Dominated World, pp 4497-507, Ian G. Baird

Engaging Within the Academy: A call for Critical Physical Geography, pp 508-515, Rebecca Lave

The Politics of Engaged Geography on the Mekong, pp 516-524, Philip Hirsch


Do Maps Make Geography?  Part 1: Redlining, Planned Shrinkage, and the Places of Decline, pp 525-556, Manuel B. Aalbers

Do Maps Make Geography?  Part 2: Post-Katrina New Orleans, Post-Foreclosure Cleveland and Neoliberal Urbanism, pp 557-582, Manuel B. Aalbers

Map the Trace, pp 583-585, Matthew W. Wilson

Do Maps Make Geography?  Part 3: Reconnecting the Trace, pp 586-588, Manuel B. Aalbers

Special Thematic Intervention Section:

Poststructuralist Epistemologies

Guest Edited by Nancy Ettlinger

Delivering on Poststructural Ontologies: Epistemological Challenges and Strategies, pp 589-598, Nancy Ettlinger

Not-Quite-American Chestnuts: Engaging Poststructural Epistemologies in Nature-Society Research, pp 599-608, Christine Biermann

It could be and could have been otherwise: For a non-Euclidean Engagement with Mexico City’s ’68, pp 609-621, Nicholas Jon Crane

De-essentializing No Child Left Behind, pp 622-629, Christopher Riley

Critical Pedagogy:

Researching “Slave Labour”: An Experiment in Critical Pedagogy (includes experimental video), pp 630-633, Siobhán McGrath and Ben Rogaly

*   *   *

International Standard Serial Number: 1492-9732

ACME is published with the support of the

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada)


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