Raoul Vaneigem: ehhhh

I have posted my notes for Raul Vaneigem’s “Total Self-Management,” which is from the era when many in France, including Lefebvre, were working seriously with the idea of  autogestion.  Vaneigem is thinking along the right lines, I think, but as a political thinker he is much less subtle and thoughtful than either Lefebvre or Castoriadis.

CFP: urban commons and the right to the city

For the RGS-IBG Conference Social Struggles and Revolts in the Mediterranean Cities in the era of crisis: urban commons and the right to the city Charalampos Tsavdaroglou, PhD Researcher, School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, tsavdaroglou.ch@gmail.com Vasiliki Makrygianni, PhD Researcher, School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, makrygianniv@arch.auth.gr The last years the discussion on urban commons … Continue reading

Events at Westminster’s Centre for the Study of Democracy

Here are this semester’s dates for events (co-)organised by the Centre for the Study of Democracy’s Materialisms Study Group at the University of Westminster. All events are free and open to all so please feel free to forward to interested parties. ——————- Thursday 21 January (today) (Materialisms Reading Group) 6.30 Westminster Forum, Philip Cunliffe (University … Continue reading

More Solid Work from Castoriadis

This is from 1955, and Castoriadis is writing in Socialisme ou Barbarie. He rejects reformist socialism that tries to work within the existing State to produce a kindergentler capitalism. He also rejects Stalisnism because it replaces the domination of the bourgeoisie with the domination of party bureaucrats. What socialism must be, he says, is “workers’ … Continue reading

CFP: Rethinking the Commons (and perhaps also gentrification)

Call for Papers: RGS-IBG 30th August to 2nd September 2016, London Rethinking the commons beyond and against gentrification Convenors: Alessandro Froldi (Loughborough University), Penny Travlou (University of Edinburgh), Angela McClanahan (Edinburgh College of Art) The panel seeks to address the categories of gentrification and commoning as two different, but not necessarily opposite attitudes toward the … Continue reading

Hobbes, the State, and Planning

I have a new piece just published online in Planning Theory.  The article takes a full-throated stance against Hobbes and his argument for the State (which was very fun to write), and then it goes on to argue that in planning we have to learn to conceive of “the public” without recourse to the State, to imagine and … Continue reading

Castoriadis: Pro-market

In 1989 Castoriadis says something clear and bright (in The Castoriadis Reader, p. 412): Where there is capitalism, there is no genuine market, and where there is a market there can be no capitalism. We spend the next few paragraphs wondering why, and Castoriadis doesn’t really give a full explanation (claiming he has done so elsewhere), … Continue reading

Cultural Politics: Roland Barthes interview

Please find below the Table of Contents for the new issue of Cultural Politics, Volume 11, Number 3, November 2015. This issue features a newly translated interview with Roland Barthes and a special section on Friedrich Kittler and War edited by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young. The Roland Barthes interview is available for free for the next three … Continue reading

CFP: Participatory Activism

How to Do It – Call for Papers Creating Bottom up Political Participation 9-10th April 2016 | Kings College London This conference brings together academics, political activists and community organisers to contribute to the working out of a question central to the current political climate: ‘how can we create progressive and effective political participation?’ From … Continue reading

The Transgressive City (session at RC21)

Call For Proposals (papers, notes, videos, etc.) for RC21 Mexico City (July 2016), The Transgressive City Stream Title: “Importing and Exporting Worldly Urbanism: The Challenges of Studying the Global Circulation of City Models, Best Practices and Imaginaries” Organizers: David Sadoway (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)  & Anthony M. Levenda (Portland State University, Portland USA) Our RC21 … Continue reading