CFP: Deleuzian Geographies

CFP – Deleuzian geographies: problems and milieus Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting, March 29-April 2, 2016 San Francisco, California “We do not yet know the thought of Deleuze. Too often, whether hostile or adoring, we act as if his concepts were familiar, as if it were enough that his concepts simply touch us … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders: Away from Democracy

From a recent Washington Post article on Bernie Sanders… Sanders said….Americans must turn to the federal government to oversee new sectors of their lives. He bristles at the idea that this might be considered an intrusion. “You’re not ‘turning to’ the government. You’re assuming that the government is some kind of foreign entity,” Sanders said … Continue reading

CFP: Dark Matter of the Urban

The Dark Matter of the Urban: Forces, densities, velocities, affects, and more. Session organizers: Michele Lancione (University of Cambridge, UK) Francisco Calafate-Faria (Goldsmith University, UK) For the Association of American Geographers conference in San Francisco in March-April 2016… Being-in-the-city means being caught up in a maelstrom of bodies, technologies, atmospheres, velocities, and both fixed and … Continue reading

Conference on Relational Approaches to Urban Transformations

I am not quite sure what that means, but there are some good speakers on offer, if you are in Holland or nearby… ____________________ Alexander von Humboldt Lectures 2015-2016: Relational Approaches to Urban Transformations The Department of Human Geography, Spatial Planning and Environmental Politics and the Department of Political Science at the Radboud University of … Continue reading

I need to write more

In a way this post is the classic “I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately” post.  But the title also means that I had a realization today that I need to write more.  Not write more in the sense that I need to publish more, to pad my cv, although I guess that’s always … Continue reading