Focaal Special Issue: Non-Recording States

Berghahn Journals is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Focaal – Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology has been published.

In a special section titled “nonrecording states,”contributors explore why and when states knowingly refrain from recording people and their activities. This issue also features a general articles section and concludes with a forum and review article.

Please visit the Berghahn website for more information about the journal:

THEME SECTION: Nonrecording states
Guest Editors: Barak Kalir and Willem van Schendel

Nonrecording states between legibility and looking away
Barak Kalir and Willem van Schendel

The sanctioning state: Official permissiveness and prohibition in India
Ajay Gandhi

Non- and dedocumenting citizens in Romania: Nonrecording as a civil boundary
Ioana Vrăbiescu

Nonrecording the “European refugee crisis” in Greece: Navigating through irregular bureaucracy
Katerina Rozakou

“China gives and China takes”: African traders and the nondocumenting states
Shanshan Lan

State desertion and “out-of-procedure” asylum seekers in the Netherlands
Barak Kalir

Interiority and government of the child: Transparency, risk, and good governance in Indonesia
Jan Newberry

Neutrality in foreign aid: Shifting contexts, shifting meanings-examples from South Sudan
Elzbieta Drązkiewicz

Anthropology at the dawn of apartheid: Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski’s South African engagements, 1919-1934 Isak Niehaus
Isak Niehaus

Review Article
Race, space, secularism, and the writing of history
Ashley Lebner

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